The Chatham County Department of Building Safety and Regulatory Services is the agency responsible for the administration and enforcement of the County Property Maintenance Ordinance. The property maintenance ordinance regulates the maintenance of front, rear and side yards. The ordinance is applicable in all residential zoned properties, properties abutting residential zone properties and all zones within 150 feet of any building structure, dwelling or recreational area. The ordinance shall not be applicable to material on an active construction site that is directly pursuing compliance to construction codes and/or ordinances.

It is unlawful to place, keep, store or allow to remain any derelict vehicle, boat, trailer-type vehicle or parts thereof on the premises unless enclosed in an accessory building, Article 21-502(c)

It is unlawful for the occupant or the owner to allow overgrown grass or weeds to the height of eighteen (18) inches or more in the front, side or rear yard. All other forms of vegetation shall be kept in a manner not to adversely affect and impair the value of the adjacent property. Article 21-502 (a)(4)

Are permitted in the side and rear yard only. The occupant or owner shall not allow the structure to exist or remain in a dilapidated condition. Article 21-502(a)(5)

It is unlawful for the occupant or owner to allow any accumulation of litter, debiris, garbage or animal excrement in the yard, on the porch, underneath any building or in any accessory building. Article 21-502(a)(l)

Garbage or refuse placed on the right-of-way for pickup shall be placed in a weather-tight, airtight and rodent-proof receptacle. The receptacle shall be removed from the right-of-way and the front yard no later than twenty four (24) hours after collection. Article 21-308

Owners and occupants of property where there is a violation of the property maintenance ordinance will be given a written citation. Failure to correct the violation within the allotted time will result in a subpoena to Court. If a subpoena is unable to be issued, corrective action may be taken at the owner's expense. Article 21-504, 21-506