Business Tax Guidelines
A business is defined as: Any person, corporation, partnership, or other legal entity which exerts substantial efforts within the unincorporated limits of Chatham County, engages in, causes to be engaged in, and/or represents or holds out to the public to be engaged in any occupation or activity with the object of gain or benefit, either directly or indirectly. Requires a Business Tax Certificate within 30 days of commencing business activity.
  • Fees are determined using the North American Industry Classification System Class Codes. A Clerk will assist in finding the correct Business Code Class.
  • For new businesses, applicants estimate their gross receipt bracket using the Business Tax Schedule. The Bracket and Class will determine the fee.
  • New Tax Certificates issued between July 1st and December 31st are prorated to one half (1/2) of the yearly rate.
  • Administrative fees, regulatory fees, and businesses designated as seasonal are NOT proratable.
  • Flat Fee: Certain Practitioners of the Professions may elect to pay $400 per practitioner in lieu of reporting and paying a tax on the profitability ratio. See application form for list.
For further details, please view the Business Tax License Brochure.
Checks, cash, credit cards, or money orders accepted. Checks should be made payable to Chatham County. Cashier closes at 4pm.

Business Tax Forms

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