Please understand that the opening of a home occupation is restricted by law as to what is and is not permitted. Also, please do not assume that payment of business tax / license fees make your business legal. Until all requirements are met, and all necessary approvals are acquired, your business tax certificate or license cannot be processed.

Before filling out and signing this affidavit, which is required for home occupations, please read Section 2-28 of the Chatham County Zoning ordinance, which has to do with home occupations.

An occupation carried on within a dwelling, occupying no greater than 25% of the gross livable area of the dwelling, employing only family members residing in the home, using only such equipment a is customarily found in the home, involving no display of articles or products or signs, and, except as otherwise provided, having no on-site storage or equipment, or materials used to deliver products or provide services off-site and having no on-site assembly or storage of vehicles other than customary household vehicles.

Home occupations are limited to:
a. Selling only those articles, products, or services produced in the home, or

b. Arranging to provide or deliver products or services off-site which are produced off-site and involving no on-site employees other than those living in the home, and involving no assembling or storage of materials or equipment on the premises. Provided however, that this definition shall also include the following activities:

1. Boarding of not more than two (2) non-transient guests, provided one additional off-street parking space is provided for each boarder and no greater than three total parking spaces are located within the front yard area.

2. A family day care home.

3. A beauty parlor, provided that such use may be operating in a room which is part of the principal dwelling unit but is separated from the living quarters of the dwelling by a doorway which opens into the living quarters of the dwelling unit and using equipment other than that customarily found in a home, occupying not more than customarily found in a home, occupying not more than five hundred (500) square feet of floor area or 25 percent of the total living area, whichever is less, and employing not more than two people, both of whom reside in the dwelling.

4. A registered reflexology therapist, provided that such activity does not occupy more than two-hundred (200) square feet or 25 percent of the total living area of the home, whichever is less, and that such therapy is provided only by a resident reflexologist.

c. Is located only within an existing dwelling unit or within a new addition or enclosure, not previously heated or cooled over the last two years, subject to the provisions of Sec. 4-6.5.

Section 2-41A Non-transient Guests 
Paying guests who reside within a rooming house, or other guest accommodations for a period of 30 or more consecutive days and nights, with or without meals included in the fare.