• On July 30, 2021, the Chatham County Board of Commissioners adopted and approved Revision of Chatham County Code Chapter 17 - Alcoholic Beverages Ordinance. A few items passed in the ordinance included updates to the Expiration and Renewal of License (§17-105), Classifications and Fees (§17-106), Licensing Procedures (§17-115), Revocation of License §17-1118) and Watercraft and Excursion Boats ((§17-122) Effective August 1, 2021.

New Alcoholic Beverage License

Any individual, partnership, corporation or entity which engages in the sale of alcohol with the objective of gain, profit, benefit, or advantage in the unincorporated area of Chatham County must obtain an Alcoholic Beverage License for each of its locations in Chatham County prior to engaging in these activities.

An application must also be filed with the Georgia Department of Revenue Alcohol Unit to obtain a State Alcoholic Beverage License. A state license cannot be processed until the county alcohol license has been obtained.

Each bar or restaurant within unincorporated Chatham County shall pay to Chatham County Finance Department Excise Tax on liquor sold by the drink in accordance with Chatham County Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance, §17-123 and failure to pay Excise Tax imposed by this ordinance will be grounds for suspension or revocation of license.

Application for a Chatham County Alcoholic Beverage License
* Only completed applications will be accepted.

Renewal of Alcoholic Beverage License

Alcohol Licenses are NOT transferable.

Alcohol License Renewal Application

A completed Alcoholic Beverage License Renewal packet must be received in our office on or before January 31 (Postmark is not sufficient). All renewals received after that date shall require a reapplication for an alcoholic beverage license and the application fee will be assessed at 150% of a new application fee. The applicant shall be required to comply with all rules and regulations for the granting of new licenses as if no previous license had been held. This will include a reassessment of all investigative, administrative, and any other State or Federal fees.

The Alcoholic Beverage License must be renewed prior to its expiration despite a renewal notice not being received.

Payment must be received via certified funds with the completed renewal packet, made payable to Chatham County Occupational Tax.
* Incomplete renewal packets will not be processed.

Renewals may be submitted in-person:

Chatham County Occupational Tax Office
1117 Eisenhower Drive, Suite D
Savannah, Georgia 31406


Mailed to: must be received by January 31. Postmark date is not sufficient.

Chatham County Occupational Tax Office
P.O. Box 649
Savannah, Georgia 31412-8161

for delivery receipt, renewal must be send via USPS certified mail

Alcohol License Renewal Application

Alcoholic Beverage Fees

Application for a Chatham County Alcoholic Beverage License

Complimentary Wine Affidavit

State Alcohol Requirements

Sunday Sales Application

Temporary Special Event Alcohol Beverage License

Senate Bill 17 (SB 17) allows restaurants with a current Sunday Sales license to serve alcoholic beverages on Sundays starting at 11 a.m. rather than 12:30 p.m.
However, this new law does not permit Georgia consumers to purchase alcohol before 12:30 p.m. from grocery, retail, or liquor stores.
Retail Establishments: Mon - Sat 9 - 2 a.m., Sun 9 a.m. - 2:55 a.m.
Retail Package: Mon - Sat 9 - 2 a.m., Sun 12:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.